64-bit installation image

sha256sum: 462af507c5c9d8667d40840b732f6da294b6b347258e5485ba872e0a412515c3
b2sum: 9fea3d82a13f731dffd56dbc3c6ed5884ff6e63701b47604723f324823be5e85f841e3d95fb4a2723b389d6ad7eac2bb8b1ffedc65b42805024fa550241505f1

How to install PureOS from a USB drive

  • Open GNOME Disks and navigate to your USB drive.

  • Press on the menu button (upper right corner, 3 horizontal lines) and choose Restore Disk Image.

  • Choose the PureOS image file you just downloaded.

  • press "Start Restoring" (it will ask you for your password).

  • That’s it, it will now write PureOS on your USB drive.

  • You may now reboot your computer from the USB drive and follow the installation steps.

Alternative method

In case you don’t have GNU/Linux yet, or you don’t want to use GNOME disks we recommend using Etcher.