A user friendly, secure and freedom respecting OS for your daily usage.

With PureOS, you are the only one in control of your digital life.

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An operating system that respects your rights to privacy, security, and freedom, by design

PureOS is a derivative of Debian GNU/Linux main, with added emphasis on privacy protection, where we have preinstalled the best privacy-protecting software applications and allow you to easily encrypt your hard drive.

Security and Privacy

PureOS takes the guesswork out of protecting your privacy and helps you surf the web safely, without being tracked by advertisers or marketers. It comes with the best Free/Libre privacy and security software and apps for privacy “out of the box”—including the Tor browser, the Duck Duck Go search engine, EFF Privacy Badger, and HTTPS: Everywhere bundled into our official web browser, PureBrowser.


PureOS is entirely free/libre software, meaning that you can freely use it for any purpose, study its source code, share it and even modify it.

You don’t have to trust our word that it respects and protects you—it is independently verifiable by security experts and software developers around the world. Should you find ways to improve its security further, please get in touch with us!

A modern, full featured and user friendly operating system

With so many completely free software applications available, we know there is something for everyone, including popular software applications from categories including Education, Games, Graphics, Internet, Office, Programming, Science, Sound, and Video.

Check out the applications

Cutting-edge technology

As a continuous delivery operating system, PureOS features the latest and greatest technologies.

It includes GNOME 3 and the next-generation Wayland display protocol, out of the box. Thanks to this forward-thinking graphics subsystem, you can now enjoy fluid high-framerate videos without tearing, benefit from enhanced security through isolation between graphical software applications, frame-perfect hardware-accelerated animations and UI components rendering, and better power management.